Tips for Website SEO Audit to Improve Your Website Traffic in 2022
You are currently viewing Tips for Website SEO Audit to Improve Your Website Traffic in 2022

Tips for Website SEO Audit to Improve Your Website Traffic in 2022

PingMedia is the leading SEO agency in Agra. I can help your business rank higher on search engines and generate more website traffic. Get a complete website SEO audit on your site and learn how to rank higher in Google’s search rankings. Are you done setting up your website? You should get the word out about your brand now so that you can reach the people who want to buy from you. It’s important for people who are interested in your brand to know what makes it different from other businesses in the same field.

People should be the main goal of your business if you want them to visit your site. For now, your website is the only way people can find out about your business, but that could change. You can get people to your website in a lot of different ways. In this post, we’ll go over a few of them, and how you might benefit from them.

Recognize Your Target Market

Start by thinking of the people who will visit your website and what one thing you can do for them through your business. It’s a common mistake that people make. Don’t start things too quickly.

Instead, look into your target audience’s habits, trends, and, most importantly, their areas of pain to learn more about them. Then, keep coming up with ways to get more people to your website. You need web traffic that has the potential to become a valuable lead.

For any publication, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critical. In today’s oversaturated marketplace, where algorithms are always changing, it’s critical to focus on the proper tips and strategies for increasing organic traffic. A well maintained technical SEO audit for your website can do wonders for your business.

In 2022, these 5 actionable SEO tactics will help you increase organic traffic:

  • Pay attention to the user experience.
  • Make use of internal links.
  • Conduct a website SEO audit
  • Concentrate on SEO site audit based on entities.
  • Make necessary changes to existing content

1. Pay Attention to the User Experience

Google released Core Web Vitals, a new official ranking upgrade, it’s all about the user experience (UX). Core Web Vitals are page experience signals that assess your site’s UX by looking at three key factors:

  • the speed with which a webpage loads;
  • stability;
  • responsiveness and interactivity

Why is Google Functioning in this Way?

Google, on the other hand, seeks to provide the greatest experience and engagement for its consumers across all devices. With Google’s transition to 10% mobile-first indexing in March 2021, smartphone signals are the most essential.

2. Make Any Necessary Changes to the Content that Already Exists

It’s vital to keep the content up to date and relevant as much as feasible. This is due to the fact that search engines prioritise the most relevant (and recent) things for users.

Existing Blog Posts Should be Revised

When we updated our blog post on difficulties with programmatic advertising industry advancements, we discovered that a website audit may help us update obsolete scripts and keywords. The spike in the graph represents the increase in traffic volume that occurred as a result of the update.

A Case Study on the Effects of a Content Update on SEO

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that simply changing the date of publication on an old blog post would be sufficient. Everything boils down to the content. As a consequence, try to identify the most up-to-date information and actually relevant content while evaluating past pieces, as well as performing keyword research.

Include Original Data and Research in Your Article to Make it Stand Out

If you can generate data-based content, such as infographics or charts, you’ll get more social shares and backlinks. For example, showing how the eCPM of three websites in our network changed from 2019 to 2020 using data from the Setupad reporting system.

A Content Gap is an Issue

This means that if we add the missing content to our blog piece, we will most likely start ranking for these keywords and our content will become more comprehensive. Assume you’re editing an article from 2015 that contains a screenshot of the Instagram user interface at the time. Even if the information is still relevant, it rapidly becomes outdated.

3. Conduct a Website SEO Audit

You should look at your website from time to time to see what needs to be changed. For example, you can remove broken links, pictures, canonical links to redirects, and so on. But what if your book has more than 100 pages? Where do you start?

That’s when website SEO audit services come in handy, giving instant insight into important SEO concerns, analytics, and overall website performance. Seo audits are hard to manage as they require certain tools, server space and technicalities which can easily be provided by the SEO audit services.

After you authenticate your website’s domain, the tool will crawl all of your pages and offer you a list of issues, including speed, links, HTML tags, content quality, and more, as well as recommendations for how to improve them.

4. Concentrate on SEO Site Audit Based on Entities.

What is Entity-Based SEO, and How Does It Work?

Entity-based SEO is a term or phrase that may be utilised to contextually characterise your speciality. Entity-based SEO focuses on broad subjects and concepts, allowing search engines to offer the immediate, accurate results of the website SEO audit.

SEO Based on Entities

Google’s search capabilities have improved to the point that it can grasp the meaning of users’ requests. Include the word related to your speciality to assist Google in better comprehending what your page is about. It’s also not a terrible idea to put it in the meta title or the title tag.

Internal links and domain authority are also important since you want Google to add you to knowledge graphs with high E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness).

5. Internal Links Should Be Used

Both internal and external links have previously been addressed. Internal links are keywords-based connections between pages on your website. Because traffic isn’t evenly distributed over all sites in most circumstances, many pages are left orphaned, this may be a huge opportunity for SEO.


That’s all there is to it! The suggestions above have been shown to increase organic traffic and enhance your SEO strategy in 2022. However, keep in mind that SEO is a process, and you won’t notice results right immediately. While one piece of advice may not get you very far, after you adopt all of them, you will notice a significant improvement.

Have you found these pointers to be useful? What additional suggestions do you have? Please let us know by visiting our website or following the social media handles for the latest updates.

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