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How to Convert from HTML Website to WordPress Website? – PingMedia

The transition from HTML Website to WordPress Website converter was not an easy one. Web design has evolved from a purely textual experience to one that is far more dynamic. Content management systems can now handle the heavy lifting for us so that PingMedia doesn’t have to develop its own markup.

But this does not mean that there is no more HTML template convert into WordPress themes. A CMS-free website may now be built with HTML5, the most recent iteration of the markup language, which is quite powerful.

WordPress expanding market share, however, demonstrates that an increasing number of individuals are making the switch to it. HTML to WordPress website for some of these people is a difficult task, but PingMedia walks you through it step by step in this post.

We’ll go over numerous methods for HTML to WordPress converter in the sections that follow. In the beginning, you’ll learn about the various options available to you and their advantages/disadvantages. When you’re done with that, we’ll teach you exactly how to do each one.


Things to Consider When Relocating

There are several factors to consider before moving out.

  • Hosting company. Before beginning, you must have a hosting plan, as the requirements may differ from those of an HTML site. Hosting is required for an HTML template convert into WordPress theme. You can also host your website locally and make it live at a later time.
  • Code editor. To modify your website’s HTML code, you will require a code editor such as Notepad++, Atom, or Sublime.
  • Money and time. You must evaluate the amount of time and money you are willing to devote. If you are eager and determined to study, this tutorial is ideal for you.

You can also employ developers or use WordPress migration applications to assist with the conversion. Hiring someone is far more convenient, but you will miss the chance to learn and the procedure may be costly.


The Various Methods to Convert HTML to WordPress

There are multiple methods for converting HTML to WordPress, each with varying degrees of complexity. They are listed below:

  • Developing an HTML template convert into WordPress theme. If you desire to maintain the design of your former HTML website, select this option. Additionally, it is the most difficult route and needs code. However, do not be intimidated. Simply copy and paste the previous HTML code into multiple PHP files.
  • Removing the design and retaining merely the content. This choice is for you if you’re willing to abandon your existing website design in favors of a fresh start with a WordPress theme. Simply transfer the content to its new location.
  • Adapting an existing theme into a child theme. If you wish to preserve the existing website’s look, this is likely the simplest option. Using this strategy, you will build upon an existing WordPress theme. In addition, you may immediately utilize WordPress’ strong features.


Adapting a Child Theme from an Existing Theme

Using a child theme is an easy alternative to the first way if you want to maintain some of your former website’s appearance but find the first method too complicated. Child themes allow you to build a new website on top of the hundreds of current themes (called parent themes) available on WordPress.

You can also modify the appearance of your website without affecting the core of the parent theme. You will not lose any customizations when updating your theme.

A more advanced guide on how to develop a WordPress child theme has been written.



PingMedia has reviewed the prerequisites for HTML to WordPress website as well as the many ways to complete the process.

A brief summary: it is possible to develop a WordPress theme from scratch. It’s a difficult process, but if you know how to write and have spare time, it’s a terrific option.

Alternately, you can import all of your material to its new location by using plugins to make the migration significantly simpler. PingMedia hopes this information simplifies the procedure. See you in the following one!



How do I put HTML to WordPress converter?

To add HTML to a WordPress page or post, go to the page or post and add the HTML code to the text tab.


In WordPress, how do I open an HTML file?

You can open an HTML file by uploading the zipped HTML file(s) to the server and then opening it in the server’s File Manager.


Does HTML show up in WordPress?

WordPress uses HTML a lot to format and display information on pages and posts.

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